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Fun & Effective
  1. 01.There are more than 2000 books with various genres. Book levels range from lower to higher grades, such as classical literatures.
  2. 02.For fun and effective learning, we offer 16 types of book quizzes with 4 specific areas.
  3. 03.ReadingStar developed book quizzes to expand student’s understanding based on their readings without taking away the fun of reading.
Objective, Effect 정보입니다.
Object Effect
At a glance Prepare students for effective reading by introducing key story elements and themes. Improves student comprehension during first and subsequent readings, arouses interest, and allows for independent completion of after-reading activities.
Vocabulary Expose Students to keey vocabulary, targeted for each different story plot. Immerses students in story-related vocabularies which are particularly meaningful in the EFL environment.
Summary Summarize significant information from the story based on different genres. Enable students to practice intensive reading skills in order to improve Reading Fluency.
Comprehension Assess understanding through comprehension-based questions.
Practice and extend intensive reading skills representative of conventional core reading class.
Supports the improvement of Reading Fluency through the practice of independently answering questions online.